Professional Surveyor (Engineering) SA PS 0146

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as a Professional Surveyor (Engineering) SA PS 0146 with a proud history of 35 years of experience.
I am registered with The SA Council for Professional Land Surveyors/ Technical Surveyors (SOUTH AFRICAN GEOMATICS COUNCIL) and SA Geomatics Institute (SAGI) and currently situated in the heart of Somerset West, Western Cape. I only use the latest technologies in GPS (Leica) and conventional survey instruments.

We render the following Services

Surveying / Engineering

* Detail Topographic survey and contour mapping
* Digital terrain model
* GPS control surveys
* Setting out of Engineering services
* Stockpile Volume surveys and calculations
* Roads / Pipeline surveys and monthly volumes
* Architectural detail surveys
* Act as Consulting surveyor by checking and verifying all survey activities on site
* Encroachment diagrams
* Use Drone Technology to enhance site surveys


* High Precision control survey
* Setting out services
* Movement Monitoring surveys
* Volume surveys
* As Built surveys

Arial Drone Surveys

* Aerial Photogrammetry
* Drone enhance to site surveys
* Orthophoto mapping
* Stockpile volume calculation
* Building Inspection / building information modelling

- Underground Utility Detection mapping:


18 Milagro Close
Schonenberg Estate
Somerset West
Western Cape
South Africa

Contact Us:

Chris Bezuidenhout

Mobile no: 0825652022